Executive Vice President - People Processes Thermax Ltd

Its has been 34 years since the time I passed out from the Institute. Looking back one realizes while organizations craft our careers, the Membership to the HR fraternity was given by this temple of learning – MILS (as it was known then). One should not take pride about personal achievements, but what I am proud of is a string of stellar Human Resource Professionals this Institute has given to the Industry & Society.

People Relations in Industry cannot be physically confined to precincts of the Organizations and Policies of Organizations cannot be in disharmony with realities of societal views. That’s what I learnt in 2 years from my teachers, batch mates and seniors. Sometimes I used to wonder why so much of training at Public Offices like Bombay Municipal Corporation – what has it do with my course?

I realized later that, while you may work in a factory, as HR professional you must know the pulse of the society and at your workplace the society is represented by your employee.

How true it is, that what happens in the larger Universe of Civic Society has its reflections at the workplace. I think MILS has a subtle way of mirroring this. That’s what I learnt here.

The library is a treasure and I am sure it’s even better now. As a part of course, I got an opportunity to debate and disagree; It provoked me to formulate a rival view point while appreciating other colleagues point of view. It was fun to be there. The Oxygen of Parel still keeps me going! Whatever I am today professionally, I owe it to MILS. My best wishes are always there.


Global HR Head JK Tyre & Industries Ltd.

I am very happy to know that a new batch of students of Maharashtra Institute of Labour Studies is ready to step in to the industry. As an alumnus of MILS, I can proudly say that the students entering in to the profession will match best with the requirements of the industry. MILS students are well studied, passionate about the profession, committed and versatile.

MILS alumni have been very successful in the industry in India and overseas and have brought honor to this most revered institute. I am sure this batch will also prove its excellence in every conceivable manner on entering the wonderland of management.

I wish each one of you a great career ahead Needless to mention. I am always ready to provide coaching, mentoring to any one desirous of it.


Joint President & Head HR Adani Ports & SEZ Ltd

I take lot of pride being an alumnus of erstwhile MILS now called LNML MILS, the esteemed and most respected Institution. I belong to the illustrious batch that passed out in 1987.

Our institute provides the unique blend of classroom inputs through subject matter and Industry experts as well as practical exposure via well thought through placements in Industrial, trade union establishments.

In my opinion, this is the unique course structure that helped all the fellow students to be well grounded as well as “Industry Ready”.

During those two exciting years, we were able to leverage the vast portfolio of professional journals and books from our library and the expert faculty.

Hostel life further enhanced and sharpened our life skills.

31 years have passed since I passed out however, my learning’s of those two years continue to be my guiding light and I owe my professional achievements to this great institute.

I wish all the 2018-2019 students, a great success in their professional journey that will begin in right earnest next year.


General Manager - Human Resources Tata Consultancy Services Ltd

I have been one of those fortunate persons to secure admission and pass out in 1986 from LNML MILS

The Solid foundation of the course structure and studies has enabled me to design and implement Organization Development Intervention in large organization.

Have been able to set direction of HR strategy because the foundation in LNML MILS have been so good. The success comes naturally due to your coverage. MILS opened doors of professional opportunities for me. Gave knowledge good enough to call myself a professional. It triggered journey.

Will always be indebted to MILS


Strategic Business HR Partner SKF Bearing Operations (Ball Bearing Cluster)

I had the privilege to attend the Master of Labour Studies course at the renowned LNML Maharashtra Institute of Labor Studies during the years 1996-1998

Looking back after 20 years, I find that my peers, the informal environment in the institute, the curriculum , all of it created the right kind of environment to learn.

The curriculum with its focus on interaction with experts from the field, exposure to various stakeholders in the Industrial relations system, laid the foundation. The exposure and experiences that the course offered had the promise to cultivate a lifelong desire to be a student of Industrial relations, Labour and HRM. The institute gives the passport to travel in the world of Human resources and Industrial relations but then to stay relevant in it, the visa has to be earned and renewed continuously by the individual.