Although people may have a particular impression about LNML-MILS, being a Governement of Maharashtra run Management Institute, it is one of the oldest Institutions, attached to University of Mumbai, offering Post Graduate Masters' Degree in Labour/HR Management; and is on-par with any other operating in the same space. In fact I would say that the Students of MILS have an added advantage of learning from practising Visiting Faculty which comprises of very successful HR professionals, many of whom are alumni of the Institute it self. MILS students have successfully created a niche for themselves and have succeeded not only in IR field, as many think. If you glance through the list of CHRO's , current and past, of the Top performing organisations, you would find a large number of names who are product of MILS. I considered myself fortunate to have discovered this institute in 1977, when such information was available only either through Newspapers or Word of Mouth, and it helped me shape my career in HR by giving a solid foundations.
Deepak Gadekar
Dipak Gadekar
Vice President (HR & IR)
Voltas Ltd.
Its my immense pleasure to write this testimonial for the placement brochure 2016. I am one of those lucky ones to study and get the degree of MLS from this prestigious institute LNMLMILS. When I joined this institute for study in 1985, I was one of the very ordinary students coming from the interior parts of Marathwada, which is still known as one of the backward areas in terms of development or in terms of education. When I got my degree in 1987 from this institute I was completely polished in terms of knowledge and leadership. This institute gave me the way forward for my life and it has completely changed my way of leading life. This institute taught me to think out of box which became one of my strengths subsequently which brought me to this level today. This institute not only gave education but also gave me some of those good friends who became very important part of my life. This institute opened me the career opportunities in the corporate world. The practical experience and exposures which I got during two years of my studies, immensely helped me to understand the industrial world and dynamics of the Human Resource profession. I owe to this institute a lot which cannot be paid back in any of the forms. I am in regular interaction with institute particularly during placements.I am thankful to the director of institute Dr. Rajan Tungare and brochure committee for giving me this opportunity.
Makrand Deshpande
Makarand Deshpande
President- chief people officer
Endurance Technologies Ltd.
When I first signed up for the MLS (1984-86) course of the LNML-MILS affiliated to University of Mumbai, I was expecting to learn theories and principals of Managing Labour Resources at a high level. However, my expectations were exceeded. What I did not expect was to gain the overall competency needed to become a full fledge Human Resources Professional. The MLS degree has given me invaluable experience of working through real-life business challenges of managing resources at all levels. The course design is unique combination of classroom training, theories, principles & practices, the Industrial Visits and two long duration placement sessions within Industry as Industry Academics Interface. The uniquely differentiated Field Work opportunities right from Trade Union offices, various Govt. Labour Offices, Industrial & Labour Courts, Civic bodies to out of state Study Tour in India, provided me with great insights of their working and real-world examples of how the concepts we are learning in class are being applied in the business world. These connections show us that were learning practical skills that well use in our careers. In this program, I gained tremendous knowledge of many facets of Human Resource Management with special emphasis on I.R. and Labour Management. I simply couldn't ask for more than what I gained from the MLS program, and I can't say enough about the ongoing support I still receive from my former professors, the present Director & faculty, all my classmates and our Alumni network when I reach out for advice or an opinion, even today thirty years after graduating from the program.
Uday Tulpurkar
Uday Tulapurkar
Joint President- Human resources
Aditya Birla Hindalco Industries Ltd
I belong to the (1985-87) batch of LNML MILS, the only institute of labour studies affiliated to the University of Mumbai. It is the oldest and the only institute of Government of Maharashtra offering a course in Labour Studies. The course provides immense practical exposure to the students that ultimately strengthens their base and fundamentals. By the time the students pass out MILS they are able to apply the HR/IR laws and principles efficiently. One interesting part of the institute is the hostel and the hostel model is again unique. Each one takes a turn to run the Hostel Mess and picks up nuances of running an Industrial Canteen on a Pilot Scale. A vital pre-requisite for any student who wants to make a Career in IR. All IR/ER issues will typically find roots in Canteen table conversations in any Business Organization. I also realized the importance of doing a Masters Degree that Specializes in HR. One studies HR, IR and ER subjects all through the Course unlike those typical MBAs/MMS where in only during the last two Semesters one studies his/her specialization subjects. A Uniquely designed Syllabus that offers you academic placements at BMC , ESIC, Labour Commissioner's office and Trade Union Offices to also understand the issues from the worker's perspective. The institute has produced professionals who have proved their mettle time and again and hence the institute is tagged as one of the premier institutes in HR/IR.
Vijay Deshpande
Mr. Vijay Deshpande
People Sciences India
The two years MLS course design has a good blend of theory and practice. While one was taught the basic principles of HR and IR through class room training and role plays, the exposure to real life practical situations was also made available through placements in offices of various organisations, labour courts, related government bodies etc, making the overall learning well rounded and complete. This being an old institute one also has a natural advantage of leveraging the strong alumni network, having senior IR and HR professionals that one can reach out to for practical advice and opinion. I am proud to be alumni of this institute
Vibhash Naik
Vibhash Naik
Sr. VP - HR