On behalf of all alumni, It gives me immense pleasure to write this testimony for my Alma Mater. While writing this testimonial, I remembered what Swami Vivekanand said "We want that education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, intellect is expanded and by which one can stand on one's own feet. Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man." – Swami Vivekananda

This truly applies to our Institute. The ultimate aim of education is not just creation and dissemination of knowledge, but also to develop global competencies and build the overall moral character of the learner. LNML MILS has played a seminal role in contributing to the field of Human Resource & Industrial Relations. The institute not only focuses on theoretical learning but also finely blends it with experiential learning which gives students a holistic perspective. It molds students to be change agents in the industry. It establishes believability in doing more with less, doing it together and doing it for all.

The Institute imparts the best and most updated industry oriented education, along with instilling the right values and concern for the society. I am extremely glad to share that many students graduated from our institute have acquired top positions and carrying out strategic jobs in blue chip organizations.

We, all students graduated from the Institute are thoroughly grateful for this institute who helped us to build a rock solid platform upon which we stood and took our steps into the future.

My Dear Colleagues, use all your resources to drive positive change in the lives of our stakeholders and communities across the world, to enable them to Rise, Accept no Limits, Think Alternatively & Rise to your fullest capabilities in future endeavors.

"Yad Bhavam Tad Bhavathi" As you think so you become !!!!!

Balkrishna Pattil
Balkrishna Pattil
Vice President - Employee Relations
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd

MILS is one of the credible institutes in the field of Human Resource Management and produced talented HR leaders/scholars who have contributed immensely in their respective domain. We have strong presence of Alumni working across the industry and many have reached to the highest level and earned accolades by their contribution in the HR field. I feel extremely proud to be alumni of this great institute and acknowledge contributions of the institute in my growth as HR professional.

I take this opportunity to wish every final year student a very successful placement and congratulate the Institute Director Dr. Tungare, faculty members and staff of the Institute for their relentless effort in preparing talent with experiential learnings and advanced skill sets suiting to contemporary talent requirements.

I am sure that the current batch also comprises of talented and promising students with passion to succeed as an outstanding HR professionals.

Baban Rajale
Baban Rajale
Vice President - Human Resources
Hospira Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd. (a Pfizer Company),Chennai

It is indeed a pleasure as I write this testimony for the placement brochure of LNML MILS, an institute highly recognized and widely acknowledged for it’s wisdom in teaching conventional IR and new age HR. The Institute is uniquely positioned to enhance it’s footprint in the field of HR & IR through it’s syllabus, that entails perfect combination of theory and practice.

I am proud to be a product of this institute and feel my association with this institute is one of the best things that happened to me. The students, passed out from the Institute have successfully created a niche for themselves in the field of HR and IR.

It is indeed an incredible effort by Dr. Tungare and team to sustain and nurture the reputation of the institute, it deserves. I am confident that the Institute will march ahead under the able leadership of Dr. Tungare and the capable faculty members.

I had an opportunity to interact with the students of the current batch and I am confident that they will be able to make a mark in their professional career. My best wishes are with the students for the upcoming placement season.

Vijay Pilay
Vijay Pilay
Director – Human Resources
Textron India Pvt Ltd
I have had the opportunity to interact with students from LNML MILS at several occasions. I find that the students are bright, ambitious and aspiring to make their mark in the corporate world. The Institute has a rich heritage of knowledge and experience in its field and the current batch seems all set to take this legacy forward on their own merit. The 2-year full-time course is structured to provide a mix of theoretical knowledge and practical application, making the graduating students uniquely employment ready. I wish the Institute and its student’s good luck, growth and success.
Shilpa Chitre
Shilpa Chitre
Head Human Resources,
Grey Group India

I always feel proud to speak about my institute which has given me a strong foundation of understanding the Human Behaviour. While I feel lucky to get fantastic industry experience both in HR and IR in my 16 years career span, the reason for this success goes to MILS. I was completely clueless about the true meaning of HR when I joined MILS but, the two years stint in MILS provided me knowledge about various facets of HR. The best part of MILS curriculum is the regular industrial visits and interaction with industry experts. This enabled me to get exposed to real life situations and understand the evolution of HR. During my two years I used to hear that we may need to compete with students from other institutes, which is absolutely true. But I strongly believe that MILS, through its rich legacy has taught me to always remain humble and yet be agile to be industry ready, Always, Anytime and Anywhere!

While I am grateful to be alumni of this great institution, I am equally thankful to it for providing me some of the best friends and memories to be cherished throughout my life.

Sachin Bhiwapurkar
Sachin Bhiwapurkar
Senior Director - Human Resources
Schindler Elevator Corporation, North America
MLS to me is not just a 2 year course, it has prepared me for life. During my tenure at MILS it inculcated some key skills like leadership and endurance. It made me believe in my dreams and ambitions. MLS course has a very niche design and structure which makes it stand out in the industry. It has offered some great HR leaders across industries and a strong alumnus legacy.
Vrushali Gadkari
Vrushali Gadkari
Head Human Resources India

Excellence, Knowledge and Attitude –these are the 3 qualities that on which our institute LNML MILS strives thrives on.

I am immensely proud to express of the fact that I am an alumni of this prestigious institution, being associated with the 1994-96 batch. This is the oldest as well as the only institute of Labour Studies affiliated to Mumbai University in Maharashtra, suffixing enriching the industry with fresh and talented crowd each year, which have been providing a relentless continued service to the industry in the HR, IR and Relations function.

Our institute is an excellent blend of both practical and theoretical knowledge around about labour studies - It not only offers visits to the industries and, government offices; experience in private offices and honorable court but also give equal emphasis on the learning of labour laws, Industrial Relations and Human Resources aspects - these unique experiences are what sets us a notch higher than our peers from other institutes when we start working in the field.

I owe it my professional success due to the training and exposure I have received in our institute at LNML MILS. I feel privileged to be associated with our institute and look forward to provide my humble services to help support the new generation of talent from our institute year on year. My best wishes to the students of the 2016-18 batch for their future endeavors and to the success of their brochure release.

Devendra R. Palav
Devendra R. Palav
Human Resource Manager - India
Dow Corning India Pvt Ltd